Spa Swedish

A 50 or 80 minute light to medium pressure in this traditional western full-body Swedish massage will relieve tension, stimulate circulation and soothe muscles.

Deep Tissue

For clients that receive regular massages and desire detailed body work, this massage uses slow strokes and direct pressure focusing on deeper muscle layers. Only specific areas of the body are addressed in the 50-minute massage. A mild soreness may occur.

Spa Stone

Warm basalt stones and aromatherapy oils melt away stress and muscle aches.


Application of thumb pressure to reflex points in the feet correlates to specific organs in the body. Relax, rejuvenate, and rebalance meridians and cleanse energy points in the body

Couples Massage

Swedish massage in a room for two.

Pre-Natal Massage

Let our therapists ease your most affected areas of aches and pains while relaxing mommy and baby.

Relax Massage

This is our relaxing massage using long slow flowing strokes to help move energy, de-stress your mind and loosen up your body