Dog Policy

We welcome well-behaved dogs as guests in our motel-style rooms. A daily rate of $100 plus tax per room will be charged for each dog.

The weight of the dog must not exceed 25 pounds. Only one dog is allowed per guest room, and if you plan to bring an additional dog, you must contact the hotel prior to arrival for approval.

Please note that certain areas of the hotel are restricted to dogs, including but not limited to our pools, beach, and restaurants. Dogs are not permitted to enter the swimming pools or any of our restaurants.

Guests are responsible for keeping their dogs always leashed when outside of the room, and housekeeping and engineering services will only be provided when the guest and dog are out of the room for safety reasons.

Guests are also responsible for any property damage caused by their dog. In the event a dog begins to bark excessively or causes guest complaints, the guest may be asked to remove the pet, and a document accepting complete financial responsibility for any damage caused by the pet must be signed.

Please note that guide dogs for the blind or otherwise disabled are exempt from the pet policy, and there is no weight limit or pet fee. However, emotional support dogs are subject to the same policy as other dogs.

Finally, if a dog is found to be exhibiting aggressive behavior, not housebroken, or creating excessive barking due to separation anxiety when left alone in the room, the guest will be asked to remove the dog, and the pet policy will be enforced and pro-rated.

"This policy is intended to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will be applied accordingly."
We hope you and your furry friend have a pleasant stay with us!